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West Virginia's only Blown Injected Nitro Fuel Altered!

This web site is devoted to the fans and racers who love Blown Fuel Altereds and the drivers who pilot them! There is no greater sense of excitement than to get behind the wheel of one of these potent monsters and fighting for control of it all the way down the track. It is truly an experience not to be forgotten! If you've driven one, you know. If you haven't, I can't begin to explain it. It is mechanical mayhem and anarchy, in intense, 4-second bursts! Complete sensory overload! 

The car is proudly sponsored by Jim's Hog Spa LLC, providing Independent Harley Davidson repairs and performance enhancements to the Mid-Ohio Valley region. If you have a Harley Davidson that has problems or needs maintenance please call our sponsor. If no answer, leave a message and they will get back to you quickly. Your Harley need a new cam, big bore kit, rebuild, exhaust or a tuner to pull it all together? Not a problem. We provide expert repairs and installation.  We would be pleased to discuss our services and successes. 

We are a dealer for all major aftermarket suppliers for Harley Davidson Big Twins. We service and install what we sell. 

Jim Overly
President and Chief Mechanic
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Monday-Friday 8-4:30
Saturday 8-2:30 PM
12011 Emerson Avenue
Parkersburg, WV 26104

Last site update 2 April 2020

After our move to West Virginia, we discovered that we were faced with a serious lack of crew help. This has had a significant impact on our ability to get the car out to a track. We do have some great help from good friends in the Pittsburgh area: Ted Brine (former owner of the historical 134 Fuel Coupe-and what a story that is!), Mark Becker, Pete Caulfield, Goldie, Joe Morrison (when he can get down from New Jersey), "Terrible" Tom Barnhill and the ever-brilliant Jim Senkewitz, and Greg Miller, who run the track at Keystone Raceway Park like a track should be run! Get out there and support that track! It is a great local facility with a very stout racing schedule with top-notch cars and drivers, good food, by any standard, and a track staff and crew that understands what racers and fans want... 

But that is in Pittsburgh and that doesn't help at home. So we're still beating the bushes at home in the Parkersburg, WV/Marietta, Ohio area for some local talent to help do work on the car. If you have the "want to", I can give you the knowledge. 

The car is ready to run right now. 

At some point, hopefully, this year, we will be switching over to a 65-gallon pump set up. Lots of work, but the results are awesome! 10-foot flames going down the track!

Again, I want to thank our primary sponsor- Jim's Hog Spa LLC, the premier Mid Ohio Valley Independent Harley Davidson service team. Please support them! 

Jim's Hog Spa LLC
(304) 464 2008

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