Fuelish Habit Racing Profile Information
Our mission is to have some good, clean fun, while burning as much nitromethane as possible!
Oh, yeah!, --- Without hurting too many parts! While we have that racer's competitive nature, in our league, we're all about the show and the fans! 
Fuelish Habit Racing Race Car Information
1923 Ford T Bucket
S&W Chrome Moly Funny Car
Forged billet 526 Cubic Inch TFX-2000 Hemi (4.375" X 4.375") with Alan Johnson Performance Engineering dual plug fuel heads with down nozzles.
Mooneyham 14-71 standard helix, big discharge @ 34% overdrive
25% Lenco, CO2 shifted 2 speed w/ reverser
3 Disk Titanium Crowerglide. Centrifigal unit. Touch the throttle and you
Rear End:
Fabricated Ford 9" with Richmond Pro Gears - Ratio-secret!
5500- 6500 +/- @ 90% nitro depending on the weather and tune up
Fuel System:
Enderle Buzzard catcher-25 injection nozzles fed by DBE 65 gallon pump. Down nozzles
Arias hard anodized coated Nitro pistons and Bill Miller Rods, The crankshaft is a Crower unit. The cam is an Engle grind and Im not telling the specs on it. Thanks to Bobby Marriot!
Data Logger:
RPM Data Logger monitoring all 8 egts, fuel flow (2) Hat & Port/Down nozzles, fuel pressures (2), oil pressure, engine speed, drive shaft speed, acceleration(Gs) and blower manifold pressure and temperature.
Prototype ETC Rev Limiter made especially for this car on Nitro- Thanks Hank!
SuperMag 5s hopped up by Spud Miller at Fuel Injection Enterprises. Spud also does our pump testing.